About Us

It started with one of our founders: climbing Kilimanjaro for the first time ever, he was unprepared. Without adequate gear — or even knowledge of what even basic gear like a handwarmer was — every aspect of his trip was unnecessarily difficult. After the second and third time, he did his homework, bought a $550 pair of climbing shoes, an ice pick, and other expensive gear to enrich his experience. To this day, the gear sits in his closet, and has only been used those three times — sound familiar? If you’re an adventurer, this may be you, too.

That’s why we started Plumdrop: to make every adventure effortless — without the expensive gear purchases and rookie mistakes. Even if you’re a first-timer, we’ll give you the guidance, support, and gear needed for everything and anything you want to do.

If you want to spend the weekend on the slopes or in the ocean, we wanted you to be able to do so without all of the packing and extra planning — and have an experience that was made even better with our curated gear and apparel. You’re a busy professional without the time to research the best brands and key necessities, which is where we come in.

Because the modern adventurer doesn’t just want to go do an activity: you want to do it in style and with everything you could possibly need. You want to capture every wave, every ski run, and share it with your friends. This is why we’ve included GoPro cameras in every box: your adventures deserve to be shared.

We work with our badass elite athletes to make sure every experience is as unique as you are. You can follow in the footsteps of those who are at the top of their field, with the same equipment and gear they prefer to look and feel their best.

Plumdrop is about on-demand, effortless adventures — from climbing Kilimanjaro to surfing on the beach down the street. What are you waiting for?